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Snail Mucin Breakthrough Makeup Formula 

Can you picture going a whole day without wearing makeup? We completely understand. We also understand that pigmentation is a natural element of being human, and everyone wants to acquire the right coverage without causing damage. The vast majority of makeups on the market operate on a vicious cycle of continual covering and nonstop harm. Other companies employ fillers with artificial preservatives that make the skin appear flawless for a short period of time but cause long-term harm because artificial substances were never created to nourish your skin, but rather to cover it up. Natural substances are preferred by a natural body. When your body rejects some preservatives, your skin responds in order to protect itself. After prolonged usage, this causes pimples and a poorer complexion.

La Predire Prestige Paris uses more skincare protective components than any other top brand on the market. Our 2-in-1 products not only give the desired coverage but also soothe and protect the skin without inflicting the same damage that is commonly seen in the cosmetics business. You may rest certain that regular daily usage will not clog your pores and create outbreaks. We think that wearing makeup should not be a trade-off between looking nice and having healthy skin. Makeup should enhance your skin's inherent beauty rather than conceal and ruin it. With La Predire Prestige Paris, we want to interrupt the industry's vicious cycle of beauty at the expense of skincare.

While we admire your passion for cosmetics, applying them on a regular basis can be harmful to your skin in a variety of ways. Makeup comprises a wide range of chemicals and compounds that may or may not be appropriate for your skin type. Some of the skin-harming elements present in regular cosmetics can cause irritation, itching, and even premature aging.

But don't worry! Snail Mucin is a groundbreaking component in our cosmetics! Incorporating this byproduct from our garden-dwelling friends into our cosmetics may have several useful skin advantages, and it's not as frightening as it sounds! Not much research has been done on snail mucus in particular, but it's easy to see why it's so widely accepted. Snail mucus is believed to contain antimicrobial peptides, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, zinc, iron, and copper peptides.

  • Hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid can be used on almost any skin type for everything from moisturizing to treating acne.
  • Hyaluronic acid is a humectant, which draws and retains moisture for the skin to absorb. Snail mucin's hyaluronic acid acts to reinforce your skin's natural barrier, keeping your face moisturized.
  • The glycolic acid in snail mucus gently exfoliates your skin and removes the damaged skin cells to make room for new healthy cells.
  • Glycolic acid boosts collagen formation in the skin, keeping it plump, healthy, and youthful.
  • Because zinc is required for the activity of at least 70 enzymes, having a product containing zinc may result in overall advantages.
  • Its collagen-boosting properties also help in treating acne and its scars.
  • Copper peptide combined with glycolic acid gently exfoliates your skin for radiant, vibrant, healthy-looking skin.
  • Snail mucus contains acids that are effective acne fighters! They remove excess oil from the skin without removing it. It also contains anti-inflammatory effects, which can help you reduce the size and redness of your acne.
  • It also promotes elastin production, which helps in keeping your skin toned and firm.
  • Snail mucin also aids in skin tone evenness and the treatment of hyperpigmentation.

Remember to test out our makeup on a tiny section of your skin before using it on your skin. While there are no known adverse effects, you may be allergic to snail mucin or other ingredients present in our cosmetics, so always check!